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nrCascadeSim - a tool for generating nuclear recoil spectra resulting from neutron capture

DOI JOSS paper

The purpose of this code is to simulate energy deposits due to cascading of energy levels following neutron capture. This code was written for use in nuclear recoil calibration for dark matter detectors, but may be useful in other particle physics applications as well, including coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering (CEνNS). Currently, we use a constant acceleration model for the atom slowing down and calculation of the ionization energy. We also use the Lindhard model for calculating the ionization, but the output is complete enough to allow the user to choose their ionization yield model after simulation. The code currently supports Neon, Argon, Silicon, and Germanium cascades slowing down in a lattice of like material.

The documentation does not contain a review of the physics implemented in the library.

If you want to contribute to nrCascadeSim, please check out the contribution guidelines.